Sweet and Spicy Picante Chicken with Rice

Serves 4
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2 bags Success® White Rice
4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves (about 1 lb.)
1 1/2 cups Pace® Picante Sauce
3 Tbsps packed light brown sugar
1 Tbsp Dijon-style mustard

Cook This Recipe

1.  Prepare rice according to package directions.

2.  Heat the oven to 400°F.  Place the chicken into 2-quart shallow baking dish.

3.  Stir picante sauce, brown sugar and mustard in small bowl.  Pour picante sauce mixture over chicken.

4.  Bake for 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.  Serve chicken and sauce over rice.

Serving Suggestion:   Serve with steamed cut green beans.
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