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See Glutinous Rice.
See Glutinous Rice.
A California-grown hybrid rice with Indian basmati in its ancestry; reddish color; very nutty aroma and flavor.
For the recipes occurring on this website, an identified recipe with about 500 calories or less per serving, AND, about 600 milligrams sodium or less per serving.
See Long Grain Rice.
Brown Rice is a whole grain - nothing is added, nothing is removed from the kernel except the outer hull.
A Native-American word which means 'Birch Bark'. For more information, visit
A Native-American word which means 'Canoe'. For more information, visit
An aromatic long-grain rice grown in Louisiana. It is named for the strong aroma and milder, but distinct nutty taste.
Is the seed of a plume-topped wild aquatic grass found mainly in the North Central United States and Canada. It is expensive due to short supply, hand gathering, thrashing, and is often mixed with other types of rice or grain. For more information, visit
To expose a grain to a current of air so that straw and chaff is eliminated.