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Derived from the dried stigmas of a purple-flowered crocus (Crocus sativus) used to color and flavor foods. This spice is one of the ingredients to the rice dish, Paella. Be sure to look for the Mahatma® and Carolina® Saffron Yellow Rice mixes at your grocer.
Traditional Japanese wine made of fermented rice.
Grown in southern India and Sri Lanka, samba is a tiny, almost round in shape rice. Samba can be either sticky or dry depending on its genetic strain. Sri Lankan rice is typically high in amylose (dryer).
Is the process of 'roughing up' the bran layer on wild rice by scratching it in order to speed up cooking time and improve cooking consistency. If the kernel has been scarified it is light in color. If the kernel has not been scarified, it is dark and glossy. None of our Gourmet House® wild rice retail products have been scarified. For more information, visit
These are the largest rice grains which are broken in the milling process.  These broken grains are used for blending with other whole grains, for making rice flour, and for brewing.
is an Indian sweet milk pudding flavored with rose water, which was introduced to Persia in the 13th century by the Mongols. In Afghanistan, dishes known as shoal-e-shireen and shoal-e-zard, both sweet rice dishes, are made for Nazer, a celebration similar to Thanksgiving.
Sholleh Zard is Persian rice pudding flavored with saffron.
Brown or white rice kernels averaging about 5 millimeters in length that are much thicker than long-grain varieties. Grains are soft and stick together when cooked. Also, referred to as "Valencia Rice".
From the Spanish verb socarrar, which means to toast lightly. Socarrat refers to the caramelized crust of rice that sometimes sticks to the bottom of the pan.
Similar to Fried Rice, this "South of the Border (Mexican)" style dish is prepared by sautéing the uncooked rice before cooking in liquid. Tomatoes and annatto are added as well. See Mahatma® or Carolina® Authentic Spanish Rice Mixes
See Glutinous Rice.
Filipino dessert made of sticky rice. For Filipino recipes and information, visit …
Japanese dish of cooked and seasoned rice served with a variety of other ingredients, which usually includes fish.
A slang term for rice.