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Is defined as being cooked, but a firm texture. The final cooked texture of parboiled rice is desired to be al dente, similar to the way pasta is prepared.
Arabic word for “rice”.
As a beverage or ingredient in Japanese cuisine, this thick fermented liquid is made from cooked rice. See Rice Milk.
This is a type of starch found in highest amounts in medium, short, jasmine, and waxy rice. Makes rice more tender with a greater tendency to stick or cling together.
This type of starch in found primarily in long grain rice, which makes long grain rice cook up fluffy and separate with a lesser tendency to stick or cling together. Raw or uncooked grains with a high content of amylose starch tend to look translucent. Uncooked grains of rice with a low content of amylose starch look opaque.
A short-grain white rice originally found in the Po River Valley of Northern Italy; used for risotto; cooks up creamy, yet firm to the bite; similar to the California-grown short-grain variety Pearl.
Brown or white rice with a natural aroma and flavor similar to that of roasted nuts or popcorn. Various types grown; cooks dry and separate or moist and tender. Mahatma® Jasmine Rice, Carolina® Jasmine Rice, and Gourmet House® Jasmine Rice are aromatic.
Spanish word for “rice”
A popular Latin American dish: Rice with milk; Rice pudding.
A popular Latin American dish: Recipe for chicken and rice.
is consumed in the Andean highlands and is used exclusively there in the preparation of dry rice.