Frequently Asked Questions: Storage

All of our products have a production code date located on the top or bottom panel. As an example, your box may be stamped as follows:

103M2 04 1 07:50

103 = Julian Date (103rd day of the year)
M2= is the plant code and year produced
04= is the packaging line number
1= Boil-in-Bag line number
07:50 = is the time (in military time = 750am)

To assure the best quality and flavor, we recommend that you use this product within two years of the date stamped
It is best to store Success® Rice in a heavy plastic or glass container. For best long term storage, Success® Rice can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator.
Cooked Success® Rice can be frozen up to six months.
Rice may be kept in the freezer for an extremely long time. Place in a freezer bag to protect from freezer burn and other freezer odors.
Our products are stamped with a production code date and a BEST BY date.

If stored properly and protected from infestation and extreme temperature fluctuations, instant boil-in-bag white and whole grain brown, boil-in-bag jasmine or basmati rice products may be maintained for long periods of time, but are BEST BY two years (730 days) after the date of manufacture.

For best results, place the product in a sealed container and store in a cool, dry place.