The 10 minute, foolproof, boil-in-bag rice

2010 Cooking Intervention

Here is the Winner's List ...

Aviva Goldfarb traveled to each of our winners’ kitchens and helped them make a great meal that fit within their specific concerns. See their stories now:

“We just renovated our kitchen, and I don't even know how to use half the stuff in it! My mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and almost all of my girlfriends bring signature dishes to the party; I bring the wine because it's a "safe bet". I'd love a cooking intervention so that I can have a signature dish, but really, just so I can put a nice dinner down on the table a few times a week for my wonderful husband.”

Carrie worried she would always be the one asked to bring the wine to parties. But after our intervention, she now has her very own signature dish and a new appreciation for menu planning.  (Read more about Carrie)

“We waste a lot of money on useless, unhealthy, and tasteless food. I'd give anything to learn how to make meals for my family that they'll eat, that I can actually prepare for, and that won't take the hours and hours that I don't have. I'm really concerned about the health of my family. We need to make a change, we just don't know how. I'd be devastated if my family became another statistic because I can't make anything healthy.”

Megan has always been a whiz at making desserts but struggles with cooking a good healthy meal. But with Aviva’s help, she can now plan ahead, make lists and snack healthy.  (Read more about Megan)

“My “made to order” meals are exactly that: They are ordered from local restaurants.  I do not cook!  I would not even have a clue what to do in the kitchen, but I am ready, willing and hopefully able to learn how to navigate this uncharted territory.”

Lisa has always pleased everyone in her family at mealtimes by ordering in from local restaurants. But after her intervention, she now knows how to prep a meal, manage the timing of her sides and make realistic weekly meal goals.  (Read more about Lisa)

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